Blake Rose

Artist in England, United Kingdom

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⭐️ 18 / Female / UK / Gemini ⭐️

🌟 This is my personal account so I definitely won't let you follow unless we're friends. My art account is Blake.Rosey tho !

🍃 Please call me Blake !! If I know you irl, then I'm fine with my actual name, but other than that please stick to Blake, or any kin name !!

☠ I do tend to vent and possibly say / post some triggering things. Though I try to keep the majority of this on my vent account, I do still vent here.

🎀 Kin:

•Princess Celestia (mlp)


•Sunset Shimmer (mlp)

•Panty Anarchy (paswg)

•Meg (Hercules)

•Donna Paulsen (suits)

•Lady (l&tt)

🎀 Tagging me as any of these is HIGHLY appreciated and encouraged !!

🎨 I pretty much only do furry art at the current moment though I )hope to get better in other areas. I'm currently in a foundation art course at my college, which marks my 3rd year there.

🔮 I am a very spiritual person! I meditate and often use healing crystals. I also highly believe in the Zodiacs, and mediums. I attend a spiritualist church as often as I can.

⛔️ I use music as a coping mechanism for multiple things, so please do not talk to me about any of these bands unless you know I'm comfortable with it!

•Bring Me the Horizon (!!!)

•All Time Low

•Pierce the Veil

•The Prodigy


💬 If you wanna know my Skype or Kik or Snapchat just send me a DM !! I'm not /extremely/ talkative, but please don't be afraid to ask!

🌸 Thank you for reading if you got this far !! If you request to follow me more than once after I've declined you will be blocked. I also don't read DM's from anybody who isn't following me here.