Blake Rubin

United States

Blake Rubin is an established real estate professional who has sold properties across the United States. His main city focus is Philadelphia, the place where he was born and raised. At a young age, Blake Rubin was interested in visual arts and basketball. His parents enrolled him in an after school program in arts and physical education in the Philadelphia area, this long term experience helped him build people skills and improved his work ethic in his studies.

Blake was awarded with a dual Bachelors degree in Architecture and Art History, with a minor in Urban Planning. He chose this focus of study to give himself an integrated edge tailored to all his interests. Blake chose to stay in the Philadelphia area for college, he wanted to learn how he could apply what he learned in his classes to the city he grew up in. He also interned in various community focused organizations in the Philadelphia area to build his knowledge of the city and its residents.

Blake's involvement in art and basketball would also teach him important skills in focus, discipline and team building. Later on in his life as a real estate agent ,Blake would employ these same skills to provide his clients with a result-driven approach to finding their dream home. His results driven, attentive and collaborative approach to real estate is his ultimate value proposition which he brings to his clients.

On a study abroad trip in college, Blake spent four months in Copenhagen after receiving a travel grant to study planning at one of the national universities. In this course, Blake learned how much planning and collaboration could build a city like Copenhagen, which is currently one of the most sustainable cities in the world. He also learned that a creative mind, or a talent for drawing and design could prove to be an asset in planning, architecture and real estate. Returning to the United States, Blake decided to engage with organizations whose mission surrounded the improvement of sustainable living in the Philadelphia area. He worked hard to understand how real estate, planning and sustainable living could function to improve society.

Graduating from college, Blake worked as an intern and was promoted to the role of junior broker at a local agency in Philadelphia. Under the mentorship of two principals and one broker, Blake learned the ins and outs of running a real estate company as well as buying and selling property. He sold his first property at the age of