Blake Senftner

I develop technology-based businesses for a living. Having spent decades in the entertainment industry, I am passionate about the work hours and lifestyle demands made upon people in these careers. We have become workers for life, rather than having lives we support with work. For this and similar reasons, I became an entrepreneur.

In 2005, I began a startup: Flixor Inc. Flixor is a media technology company with a unique mission: I want to create passive income for digital artists and 3D animators the world over who are currently stuck working 80 hour weeks as cogs in vast digital artist & software developer farms making feature films, video games and interactive media.

How would Flixor accomplish this? Provide the tools necessary to make "Personalized Media" - this is media that has been modified with Flixor's Automated Digital Actor Creation system, and had Flixor's Automated Actor Replacement technology applied. Now, rather than being part of a 1000+ VFX team on a feature film, a small group of digital artists, 2-4 people, can make new or take existing media and create a Personalized version where anyone - you, me, your mom - photo-realistically appears in that media as if they where "on set" the day it was filmed. Flixor provides the tools for this, a generous revenue share business model, and the delivery mechanism capable of meeting consumer demand for globally popular media. How does this help digital artists? Small teams can be successful, exploring their creativity, owning what they create, and able to take anyone with them by embedding them in their media. Flixor provides a "Fantasy Visualization" technology that literally has no bounds - education, entertainment, therapy, and incredibly powerful advertising is within their grasp.

Flixor has gone dormant, and we are currently operating under a company named "3D Avatar Store". We are focusing on automated digital double creation as a foothold to finance our larger ambitions, as described above. Our dreams are big. We have updated technology just that is simply incredible. Interested parties are invited to contect me about collaboration possibilities.

This is what I'm doing. I am Blake Senftner, and this is my passion.