Sarah Blake


Hi everyone. Im kinda new to so please bare with me. But if you would like to read more about me then you would like to know that I currently live in London and work for Infinity Escorts London. I have been grateful to be apart of the infinity model team and our girls work hard everyday to keep themselves in the best shape possible. A lot of exciting news for the agency as we have just had a new website built which is fresh and user friendly so if you would like to check it out then make sure you click on the link below. Dating can be a stressful experience for many which is why we love to make your life easier which a variety of single women who are just looking for love. I have had my fair share of bad dates which is why I can understand how it can be hard to start chatting to a total stranger. At infinity you will be able to find the person who has the same interests as you and when you date is planned you will be in for a wild romantic ride. The way we do things is stress free and having that companion can help give your life a sudden upswing. When you have someone to talk to and get along with and share some romantic time you will feel that your stress will reduce and you will feel more confident and happy in your every day life.