Blake Schiller

I am a digital marketer at a Fortune 500 company in the pharmaceutical industry helping brands navigate and innovate in digital channels to drive growth. I believe success - for me and the brands I work for - is derived from a passion for identifying the unique and complex needs of patients and HCPs to define strategy to optimize the healthcare experience for all. In a digitized, information rich and self-driven world, I believe we can improve health through the convergence of these dynamics with the healthcare system.

Previously, I spent time at Digitas, the global leader in digital and healthcare communications. My time there was a phenominal learning experience, and an opportunity to practice digital marketing with some of the most brilliant minds the industry has to offer.

I live in the Philadelphia area with my wife, Trish and our chocolate lab, Odie (pictured). I love to cook, but I despise recipes; food is my creative medium. I enjoy endurance sports and the outdoors, especially together through hiking with Odie, surfing, open water swimming or rowing. I'm a better than average golfer, and I can hold my own on a softball or football field.

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