Anthony Blake

Born into an intensely musical, and a very pentecostal family, I was a kid who knew how to play real from-the-heart music, as a form of praise and worship to the one person I know as "The King Of Kings". As I'm a christian, with a heart as big as Texas and Idaho put together, the only genre of music i devote my life to is GOSPEL!!!! gospel is the only way i cantruly express my musical talents: drums, keys, guitar, bass, and singing. don't take it the wrong way, i'm not trying to brag, but I thank god for blessing me with these talents, for my only true wish is to use these gifts to the glory and admonition of God the father. i'd love to go into sessioning, being a session drummer, because drumming is my biggest passion. when i was at least 4 years old, I became the main drummer for the Harvest Temple, Heath Town Church in Wolverhampton, England, and i grew my skills from there. i soon became the main drummer for Oldbury Church in Birmingham. I dont remember the exact age i was, but I probably started at 7 yrs. I then moved from Oldbury, to the absolutely wonderful Dudley Church, and i hope to join the band by playing the drums, or keys. other than that, God has truly been good to me all my life, and I couldn't be any happier with how he's kept me through my rough patches.