Blake Stockman

Belmont, California

I'm a born and raised Bay Area Californian. I enjoy many things from fitness to concerts/mixing music (which you can see my growing collection on my youtube channel) to food, and lots of it! You'll see me around the Google campus quite a lot working hard to help our great company fill it's many openings with the best and the brightest software engineers this world and our academic institutions have to offer. During the weekend you can expect I'm going from one hangout with a friend to another almost constantly.

If you ever have any questions in regards to google shoot me an email at

I'm also working on growing my slam poetry collection which is just beginning and you can explore at I'm still exploring and looking for a great venue to explore the world of slam poetry with other likeminded individuals and perform some pieces to see where the words take me.

  • Work
    • Google
  • Education
    • University of California, Merced