Blake Walsh

Teacher in Texas

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I graduate from King High school, then went to Coastal bend College right after and graduated with an associate’s degree in science in 2011. After that I went to the University Kingsville A&M and dropped out a year after that to go work. What I really enjoyed about school was the different views I got to see from different people, different methods people would use to solve problems. The thing I find most challenging is staying on staying focused on my school work, but I have to change that so I am going to try and fix it. My first job was a math tutor for Coastal bend college for less than a year, after that I worked at a movie theater, then got a real job as a helper and moved up to installer, right now I am a paraprofessional at a High school.I have gotten into a lot of different things over the years I really enjoy playing and coaching basketball, use to playing in little tournaments here and there, coaching is really the best though. I have been in a few clubs in college Kinesiology and Student government. There has always been video games, lately though I have gotten really nerdy and started playing a card game called Magic the Gathering. I also really enjoy spending time with my son now I get summers off and plenty of short days so I can be there. I really enjoy fiction movies and books, in my opinion if you are going to do something fictional you might as well go all the way and make it good, I feel like I get plenty of real life stuff that can happen already, so fiction is a good escape. Also I have tried writing a story and I enjoy the no restrictions of fiction way better than trying to write something someone will actually believe. The main books I enjoy are Dune, Game of Thrones, and Eragon. As far as movies go I enjoy a wide range of things except horror I really don’t get a thrill out of those movies. I prefer things with a good plot and twist on things. I have lived most of my life in south Texas. I am the oldest of three boys, we all have different dads, and I try to set a good example for them since we are all 7 years apart. My youngest brother has been diagnosed with Asperger’s he is exceptionally bright, but gets picked on a lot at school that is partly why I have coached him in basketball the past 2 seasons. It has helped him with his social awkwardness and kids picking on him. I live with my wife and son. She is a teacher and he is our pride and joy.