Elliptical Jogging Machine

The item arrived VERY quickly and my husband was able to putit together in about an hour. The only reason I'm giving it two stars isbecause it didn't work. It was very sturdy once put together, so It's a shame Icouldn't use it.

This elliptical jogging machine is nothing fabulous but for theprice, it meets my expectations. It is a bit laborious to use but I figure thatjust adds extra calorie burn.

The machine itself feels kind of flimsy, but it is quiet. Itstill works even though the computer screen isn't working.

This morning,where the pedal arm attaches to the flywheel, the connection just sheared,causing the pedal to go off the rail, stopping me mid stride, making meincredibly angry, and leaving me with one ugly looking coat rack.

No way do you purchase this if you are taller than 5'5" the stroke is very short, makes for a very jerky experance. Deliverywas late and the parts were incorrect sovwe had to wait for a replacement.

Nice little unit. Easy to move around on its wheels. Itworks better on a hard surface than on carpet, but it's quiet as opposed to the'air' types which whoosh as you pedal.

After going to the gym and using their expensive ellipticalsI have to say I'm very pleased with this elliptical. It doesn't take up muchspace and it was easy to put together. I also love the calorie counter andtimer.

This was a great buy. It is great quality for the money. Itis sturdy and pretty heavy, the stride is short but you cant get all the bellsand whistle for the price that you are paying, I just needed to exercise so theshort stride doesn't bother me.

It's very easy to use and lightweight. I can wheel it aroundquite easily.

This elliptical is great for its price, but keep in mindthat it isn't the same as the quality that you'll find in a gym.

It's been 2 months use, I'm unable to use because ofunstabled paddles and noises. Left side of rear paddle screw nut keep gettingloose because it designed as loosened. The paddle turns same direction whichnut able to loosen.

The computer does not work. If the computer is the reasonyou are choosing this model, please reconsider.

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