Blake Jordan

Free Mind to think of the impossible. To make the impossible possible. To take the dark and make into the light of my life. To influence and learn. Learn from every point of veiw of life I can. I live a day to day base life. You live once you make what you can in life, or you have no life at all. I search for love, a partner, a significant other, a person to love someone to love me for me. Someone that can complete my lost soul from morning of the shatter heart I hold in my chest. Someone to complete me. I'm a free spirt. I'm a being serching for one's self. I love who I am and still getting to know who I am. I see life is that it's simple if you think about it. Only if you think that life is complicating that you'll make it complicating. If you think it's simple , It is simple. Like this simple flower picture I took look at my picture in a simple way and you will understand.


Free Spirt




digital artist