Baylee Blancarte

My name is Baylee I was born in Cushing,on Januruary 25th 1998 to Marcus Ostrom and LaRay Blancarte. I have three brothers and two sisters. Their names are Camron,Jacob,Zeb,Ashlie,and Addalyn. I obviously go by my mom's last name and not my dad's like normal kids. I have three dogs. I like to dance and swim. I love baseball and football season! Baseball is definitely my favorite sport! I dislike immature people. My biggest pet peeve is when people tap pencils on their desk. It drives me insane. I've lived in many different states for short periods of times. I started school in Cushing then came to Stroud for first grade moved and went to Oregon until third grade then moved to Arkansas until sixth grade then moved back to Oregon then half way through my sixth grade year I moved back to Stroud. My dad is a pipeliner so I get to travel a lot. A short-term goal I have for this year is to make new friends. A long-term goal I have is to go to college in California and become a lawyer. My Aunt Rachael is my role model I want to be just like her. She is amazing! Her two kids Hailey who is 7 and Hagen who is 5 are my absolute world! They are amazing kids! Their dad,David is also very important in my life. Him and Rachael both push me to do great things and I love them for that.