Gabriela De La Rosa

Ssuchiapa, Chiapas

My name is Gabriela. Iam 19 years old; I was born June 15 1995 in the state of Mexico. My parents call themselves Juan and Reyna; I have three brothers Mary, Nancy and Temo. Now I live in San Fernando , Chiapas for my father's work. The preschool studies it the municipality of Cardenas, Chiapas. After finishing the preschool, we returns to the state of Mexico where I studies three years of the primary, the last three years I studies in Chicoasen, Chiapas. The secondary and high school studies on Tuxtla. And now study in the Polytechnic University of Chiapas for what I came me to live to Suchiapa. I like the cats and dogs, I have two dogs of name Chamaco and Luna. I have two cats name Locochon and Antisocial. I am fan of The Last Teacher Air. I am you to swim.I don't like to eat snack and drink coca-cola. I am small, hair black calor, eyes dark brown color. Step a lot of time

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