Christopher Blanchette

Toronto, Ontario

I'm an 19 year-old, second year Ryerson University student, studying Journalism. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario - home of the Tigercats, steel mills and best known for a highway leading out of the city. Writing is my passion. If I feel strongly about an experience or event I'll usually write it down. Music is where my heart lies. I'm into anything from The Zolas, Ben Gibbard, Gregory Alan Isakov and Vampire Weekend to the hip hop stylings of Kanye West, Childish Gambino and Julius Myth. I find my inspiration from these artists and use it fuel for my story writing. Journalism can lead me to a lot of new places. Whether I'm taking photos for a magazine, critiquing artists at concerts or writing about my life through blogs and stories; I'm in it for the long haul. To me journalism and life are a lot alike - sometimes you have to stop and watch the world around you. Look down at your feet to see where you've come from and look up at the clouds and stars so you can think about where you are because you might miss the moments that define you. When the moments come by, be ready with a pen and paper, so you can write them down. This is my life through humble writings.

  • Education
    • Ryerson School of Journalsim