Blanche Guarino

Well... I like to be myself. I love Jesus, and I love people. I'm always down for a bon fire or a bbq. I really like the idea of working out, but I never do it. I pretty much eat non-stop.

If you see me in real life, dont be scared
If you call me Blanche. I will respond to you.
Suree. you can nickname me if you want.Blanche, Blanchiipoo, Blanchii, Pis Tol, Pre
I have a life other than making Styles
I may not be the same in real life compared to how crazy I am in my Pictures
I want to inspire people with just me being myself.
I may be wierd and random at times.
I LOVE everyone! You never know who you need in your life.
Be humble.
Im still trying to find out what my purpose in life is.
I live in Bacoor Cavite
Manila, Philippines is where I first breathed in oxygen!
August 25 is the perfect time to say Happy Birthday!
Agyness Deyn is cool!, sorry for you Non-Agyness Deyn lovers. hahaha
I am 17 years of age > 235 Months > idk days
I love GOD, and he inspires me throughout my life.
I am reallly thankful for everything in my life, even though life may not be the best.
I thank God for the many blessings he gives me each day.

Youth Member
I'll probably be a Fashion Stylist or a Bloggerwhen I grow up.
I am filipino. FLIP Pride!
Funny Little Island People PriDE!
Currently a Freshmen at St. Dominic College Of Asia
I play Drums // Piano // Guitar // lot of other instruments
I really Lovee music, and I can't live without it.
Hope you enjoyed reading my "About Me".
I may not return your messeges but I try
You should get to know me more in real life, it's cooler!