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Ethiopia Travel Visa is one of the simplest tourist visas to apply for. Ethiopia is a friendly and welcoming country and visa problems are comparatively relaxed compared to several other African countries. A number of different nations make it difficult for tourists to acquire visas. For example, a British national who wanted to travel to Ethiopia would have to apply for an immigrant visa which takes months to process and must then be approved before death. Similarly, an American who wished to travel to Ethiopia would have to apply for a tourist visa, which can take a few months to process.

When you're planning to travel to Ethiopia, the very first thing you need to do is to get a visa in the government. There are several approaches to do this. You can apply in the Ethiopian embassy or consulate in your own country or you'll be able to get an adapter in the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that will allow you to stay in Ethiopia with an energetic visa. A 30-day visa would be the minimum that a candidate may have if they intend to stay over a week. An adapter allows you to stay in Ethiopia for a month or more and cover the applicable Ethiopia Business Visa fee.

The second way to get your visa is through the Ethiopia law office or the Ethiopia National Immigration Office. These offices issue a multiple-entry visa, which is valid for three decades. You have to apply for an immigrant visa to accompany your visa issued from the Ethiopia authorities.

The next way is to visit an accredited mission from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This licensed mission will help you find the very best visa deal for your trip. For an immigrant visa, you'll have to submit an application to the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a written record that contains all of the facts about your business venture and private details too. The consul will also check all the documents for legitimacy and return them to the embassy or the ministry upon approval to your visa.