Suyash Kamat

Photographer, Filmmaker, and Director in Pune, India

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Suyash Kamat is an aspiring filmmaker & a photographer. Finding narratives in the mundane, he sees his camera as a way of understanding the reality around him. He has been awarded the 1st prize at Photoflare, an International Photography Festival & his short-film ‘Tales From Merwan’s’ was showcased at Mumbai International Film Festival (MAMI) 2015 and won the Silver Prize at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016. Shabash Pune listed Suyash among the ‘Young Achievers’ of the city as a part of their ‘Inspire Youth’ initiative. Besides making films, he is currently pursuing a post-grad in Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy and ethics.

  • Education
    • HND Diploma in Filmmaking - Pearson Britain