Bill Lapcevic

San Francisco CA

I'm married, a father, and a SaaS software guy. I run Customer Success at New Relic, which means my team is the one responsible for ensure customer see ongoing value in our product and stay with us a long, long time.

I'm a passionate fly fisherman (who doesn't get out enough), a singer (who is in search of my next group), and a full time Dad to the two coolest human beings I've ever met.

Here are a few things in which I believe:

I believe in my family and my friends. I believe how you use language, written or spoken, is an immediate reflection of who you really are. I believe if you don't like what's on TV you should turn the channel. I believe in always striving to do my best every day.

I believe in Cloud, SaaS, building amazing products and organizations. I believe in "do the right thing", striving for excellence, focus on employees, family, and your customers.

I believe that dynamic, successful, needle-moving partnerships are at once much harder and much more rewarding than most people think.

  • Work
    • New Relic Inc.
  • Education
    • Dartmouth A.B., Pepperdine MBA