Melvin C. McKnight

Philadelphia, Pa

What does Jimi Hendriix, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, Ben Harper and Steve Perry all have in common besides good music? Well, each of their names at one time or another have been used as a way of describing the talent of Melvin C Mcknight aka Blaqmel, a man as proficient a vocalist as he is a musician with the ability to wow audiences whether accompanied by his full band or just himself in a chair with a mic and his acoustic guitar.

A McKnight performance is something to behold. “Blaqmel” means soul and brings magic! A stage and studio singer, songwriter and musician; “Blaqmel” pushes the envelope of forms and sounds creating a breathtaking intimate experience. His versatility, poignant vocals and guitar skills reveal a unique impactful artistry. Mel revolutionizes old classics into new discoveries and originals into classics.

Born in New Brunswick, NJ, Melvin C Mcknight was adopted by his mother's foster parents who raised over a hundred foster kids. Melvin attributes his diverse musical taste and influences to the fact that there were never less than 8 kids in the house. He states in an interview, "When I wanted to change my musical vibe I just went into a different brother or sister's bedroom... So, I was blessed on throughout any day to hear the likes of Carol King, the Temptations, Grandfunk Rail Road, the Supremes, Dixie Humming Birds, Black Sabath, War etc..."

McKnight has opened up for the likes of Will Downing, Leela James, Alex Bugnon, Bob Baldwin and Marion Meadow. His career has included him touring with TM Stevens’ touring band, the Trammps, and John Legend. Blaqmel is scheduled to drop two singles late this summer, straight soul of “I’m Still Calling” and alternative rock tune “Like Me.”

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