Anna Blasco

My name is Anna Blasco, and I am a freshman here at the University of Georgia. The most important thing to know about me is that I am accepting of everyone. I don't like to judge people by where they come from, what they look like, believe in, etc. All different types of people fascinate me and I love to learn and interact with new cultures. It helps me keep an open mind, and once it is open, I can learn so many things that I couldn't understand if I just surrounded myself with the same type of person. I do have my own strong opinions and beliefs, but I make every effort to make certain they don't shut me out of learning opportunities. Perhaps I am like this because I grew up in Atlanta, GA, a large multicultural city, and went to public school, where being around someone completely unlike you is typical. Or maybe it is because I realized you never know what someone has gone through in their life that makes them the way they are.

This past summer my dad had an unexpected double lung transplant where he nearly died because doctors ran out of options. Thanks to a miracle, he lived after over four months in two different hospitals on life support. During this time, I was finishing up my senior year in high school and my last summer at home before starting college. There were a few weeks where I had to act as the parental figure for my three brothers while my mom was with my dad at the University hospital in Kentucky. I felt as though I not only needed to be strong for myself, but also to show my brothers that we could get through this hard time together no matter the outcome. After going through this experience of almost losing my father, my whole mindset about life changed. I now try to always have a positive attitude and outlook on life. After all, the most horrible thing that has happened in my life had a great outcome. I take each day as it comes and make sure I keep everything that happens to me in perspective. The little things that may upset me in life I have now learned to brush off and not make a big deal over. I also try to surround myself with people who have the same positive outlook because I feel life is too short to be around negativity. I carried this mindset with me to college, and I plan to stay this way the rest of my life.