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Frankand Carol have been in the engraving business for 30 years and we atBlastedGlassCompanyhave a vast knowledge of all types of all materials, trophies andglassware.

Materialsinclude plastic laminates, brass, stainless steel and acrylics.Trophies for all sports particularly football, sailing and bowls.Virtually every sport is catered for.

Glassware has been our mainlove for the past ten years. We supply and engrave a vast range ofdecanters, glasses, bowls, flat glass trophies and vases.

Allour glass engraving is done by sand blasting. This technique involvesdesigning the layout (artwork) on a computer, producing a stencilfrom this artwork and adhering the stencil to the glassware ready forsandblasting.

This a is fairly long process but it gives by far thebest result. The final result is deep and crisp. No chipped edges tothe text or logo.

Logoscan be reproduced from customer supplied artwork or designed by us‘in house’. Preferred artwork would be a vectorised format inphotoshop, corel draw or illustrator.

Wecan also accept good quality .jpeg. All artwork needs to be in blackand white. We can modify as necessary if it is difficult for thecustomer. Most glassware can be supplied in satin lined presentationboxes if required.

Wetry to keep all the items within the Blasted Glass Company web sitein stock so that we can offer a fast and efficient service.

Otheritems can be supplied from our larger catalogue If required and the item is in stock deliverycan usually be completed within 2-3 days. Next day if really urgent.

All glassware and awards are engraved in house. We are pleased toupdate your annual trophies and glassware whenever required.

Ifyou already have glassware purchased elsewhere we would be pleased toengrave as required.

We still stock and supply traditional trophies.If you would like trophy or glassware catalogue please ask and wewill put post one to you. We look forward to your inquiries and doingbusiness with you.