Barry Lauterwasser

Barry Lauterwasser

If you landed here, you're either lost or want to learn a little bit about me. So let's get to it!

First and foremost I'm pleased to announce that I've made it this far achieving balance between personal and professional. Helping my customers achieve success has helped me to enjoy time with my family.

When it comes to business, communication is the key. Whether you are marketing, building business strategies, setting policy, the underlying key to success is communicating appropriately and using the proper channels to be certain the message is received.

I help my clients build their brands by using communication tools appropriate for their market and communicating the proper message in order to build brand awareness.

And once the closing whistle sounds at night you might find me whipping up something scrumptious in the kitchen (yes, I love to cook). Or you could find me on my mountain bike at one of the local parks buring off some of the aforementioned dinner!

I truly feel blessed to have found a great partner and have built a life that's been quite fulfilling.