Blayke McElligott

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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Ever since I was kid the beauty of nature would mesmerize me, from the depths of a national park to the east coast shores. Star gazing late at night became a habit of mine as it left my mind at ease. My weekends consist of running down long shaded trails and giggling children. The kids center at Golds gym is my happy place, where children fill my heart with pure joy. I’m drawn to children’s carelessness and endless energy. I express my energy through hours of exercise each week. Physical activity is an practice my friends and I participate in together. Friends and family are the people I give all my time away too and hold closest to my heart. Traveling the world has always been a dream of mine I hope to achieve in the future. The Grand Canyon captured my attention the second I laid eyes on it, and from then on out I was eager to explore every inch and depths of this beautiful earth. I am a lover of pugs and their scrunched up facial features are nothing less than perfection. Each night the comfort of my dog puts me to sleep as I dream about a peaceful beautiful world.