Blayne Davis

Austin, Texas, United States

Blayne is a former hedge fund trader, husband and father-of-two. Blayne’s life has taken an extraordinary turn with the birth of the Game Trilogy. The first book, Wild Game, is scheduled for released in July (2014), and Wet Game will be ready for publication in Christmas (2014). These books are based upon actual events in the author’s life, and enhanced for the reader’s enjoyment. From an early age, he had lived a life that rivals many works of fiction. With his father in the CIA, he and his sisters lived the international life of government secrecy. As a boy, he lived on “Camp Peary” where his father was an instructor at “The Farm” before moving to Germany. Blayne is passionate about the study of different languages (he’s fluent in German), sports, cooking, wine, and traveling. Spending time with his kids, whether at the beach or ball field is what he treasures most. Blayne enjoys interaction with his readers, and you may contact him on his website at

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    • Author & Speaker
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    • University of Central Florida