Gora BL Choudhary

Rajsthan, INDIA

Gora BL Choudhary

Rajsthan, INDIA



On Line Leak Sealing services


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What is Super shakti sealing services ?

A serious leak from a pipe line is a continuous process plant call for a choice between three courses of action.

1. pipe line can be shut down for the conventional repair.

2. The leak can be left to blow,usually only for limited time.

3. By means of a process pioneered by super shakti sealing services the leak can be cured whell the line remains at full pressure and temperature.

Why Super Shakti Sealing Services ?

The super shakti sealing services {under pressure on line leak sealing services} process was invented in the early 2000. to overcome the problem of sealing leaks without interrupting the production process. as pioneers of the technology of under pressure leak sealing super shakti sealing services now has over 10 years and have experince 25 years in this specialised field. Today the process is applied in continuous process plants throughout the world. and in each case the production process continues whilst the leaks are sealed.Over the years wast sums of money have been saved by our customer. not only by saving production but also preventing erosion damage caused by leaks. The thermocycling resulting from a conventional shutdown commonly causes fresh leaks and a new set of problems upon startup.The super shakti sealing services repair on the other hand, will provide a cure until the next scheduled shutdown.In practice it can frequently be considered a jointing system in its own right.


With rocketing fuel costs the early repair of leaks which are wasting energy saves money out of all proportion to the cost of the services.increasing emphasis on this type of work has led to our doing energy loss surveys.

many customers contract with super shakti sealing services to have a number of man days work done in their plants each year keep abreast of the inevitable flange and valve leaks which occur. There by freeing their owen staff for general maintenance work.

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