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I was born and raised in rural middle Tennessee. Growing up the Internet was a formative presence in how I learned and communicated with others. Fascinated with online interactions and the power of media I ended up at Union University to study Digital Media. Throughout my career I have worked as a photographer, video producer, audio engineer, graphic designer, digital marketer, and web designer.

Lately, I've been intrigued by the relationship between media and websites, immersing myself into the world of web development. I've been polishing my HTML & CSS skills, taking any free time to learn PHP and JavaScript. Lately I've also been exploring utilizing different task runners and learning the best practices optimizing performance.

I'm currently a WordPress Developer at Foundations Recovery Network in Nashville, Tennessee. I work remotely for the Marketing department helping develop over 100 WordPress sites. My main role is web development but I also assist with SEO and digital marketing. I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina.

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    • Foundations Recovery Network
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    • Union University