Mario Barron

Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

Born and raised in a place far away from here, the only thing in common between that little boy in Mazatlan Mexico, and the adult writing this from Curacao are the people around me, those who help me in every single phase of my life and never let me down, those are, obviously, my family and friends.
I spend my time pursuing my goal, using every opportunity to accomplish it, I've travel so far (literally), and it's only the beginning, in a few years I'll going to do a new entry here, showing that my goal is finally complete. then I'll surely going to have a new one, maybe a lot more, after all, that's what life is about.
By now it's enough for you to know that I'm in my way, and wait for my arrival.

  • Education
    • Facultad de Informatica Mazatlan