Blek help

The scope for IT has gone to next level in today's world. No matter what kind of requirement do you have, there is always a solution available for that. For example if you are a game lover, then no matter what is your taste, you will find the one which can keep you engaged for a long time. Blek is one such game which is quite new in the market but at the same time it is a unique and eye catching game. If you are looking to try something different, then it can fulfill your expectations.

Basic Info:

Are you tired of those racing games which no more attract you? If yes, then it can be a good choice. There are no restrictions, no limitations in the game. You have to create a line with the help of your finger on the white screen. The line follows your finger and the moment you take off your finger from mobile screen, the line gets free.

Helps and Tricks:

Though game seems pretty simple, but still getting help is always good. Following are some of the tricks that will help you during the game-

• Never try to eat black dot: You are required to finish colored dots to jump on next level, but you should try to avoid black dot, otherwise your game will be over in no time. Go left or right, but don't try to eat black dot.

• Control the speed of the game: You can control the speed of line. The best way is to control your finger movement on the screen, because the line follows your finger's direction and pace.

• Learn to play with line: You can make several patterns on the white board, so don't always look to create a simple line. Add some fun element in the game.

• Restarting is not a problem: If you think that you are stuck at some place and want to get out of it, then simply put off your finger. It's not difficult at all andyou won't lose your growth if you restart it.

• Keep it easy: Making your game difficult or easy is in your hands. So try to keep it simple, because it might not hurt you initially, but when you enter in advanced levels, then it can create serious complications for you.

• Finishing is more important than starting: Beware of how you finish. It is very important to finish the line in a right way. Because the way you finish your line will determine how good loop you create.

So these are some of the important blek hints which will help