Blend Healthy Coffee

THE NEXT BIG OPPORTUNITY OF THE DECADE Healthy Coffee's strategy is to capitalize on four Billion Dollar Industries by combining it's beverage product line with the Coffee, Wellness, Energy Drink and Vending Industry markets. Coffee Wellness Energy drinks Vending Healthy Coffee® is now in over 20 Countries and is continually expanding in the International Market and has quickly established offices in 20 countries and distributors in 30 other countries through its marketing subsidiary Healthy Coffee USA, Inc. ( Healthy Coffee USA, Inc. uses a simple and unique Internet-driven international business model that allows the average person to own and operate a local, national, or international coffee distribution or coffee house business with very little capital investment or overhead. Healthy Coffee® is the first company to successfully merge the traditional retail business with direct sales, and is revolutionizing the direct sales industry. Healthy CoffeeR is the first to market the exclusive Healthy Coffee® vending machines to mom and pop stores and businesses as well as the big retail chain stores. 5 MILLION MEMBERS IN 5 YEARS Healthy Coffee’s goal is to attain 5 Million Independent Distributors within 10 years. To achieve this, the company plans to open a minimum of 100 countries within its first 10 years of operations, with a minimum of 50,000 Distributors in each country. Other network marketing companies who have opened Japan, Mexico, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, have averaged more than 50,000 Members within 5 years in each of these countries. Based on a minimum monthly autoship order of just $50 per month, these 5,000,000 Distributors will generate a minimum of $250 million in revenues per month, or $3 Billion per year, just on monthly autoship revenues alone.