Erita Lin

Hi there :) ! This is Erita. I’m currently live in Strasbourg, France. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, I’ve spent one year in USA when 16 and now another in France. Between each continents I see the uniqueness in its own form of fashion, food or everyday life. Here is thus the secret place to blend my discoveries and share them with you.

大家好,我是 Erita。我現在住在法國史特拉斯堡。出生並成長在台北的我,十六歲時曾在美國明尼蘇達州待了一年,現在則在法國生活。踩在不同的陸地上,觀察它的風土民情,用各種姿態,展現在時尚、食物、以及日常生活中,這裡是我把將各種想像及發現彙集整理的地方。