Kimberly Rawlins

Growing up as a child in Virginia, I was raised to appreciate all types of music. Being very active in the church as a teenager, I had ample opportunity to sing, direct and perform in front of a captive audience. It's not surprising that I met my husband who is a passionate musician, songwriter and producer. We have together written, produced and distributed four albums that we are proud of. I am presently working on a degree in Music Business that will help us to further our passion for music business. I have first hand experience in planning live events as well as creating vocal arrangements and harmony. Thanks to Full Sail University, I hope to manage artist like my husband who are passionate enough to make a unique difference in the music industry by making available songs that uplift and inspire people to be the best that they can be, with the help of our Creator. Join me on Facebook, Linkedin and on our website,, for the best in inspirational music.