Blessed Handz

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Blessed Handz Mentorship is actively adding value and evoking change. The visionary behind this dream realized how his own walk could have benefitted from the influence of strong and positive mentors, the passion to do and give more was flamed. Simple advice, sincere ears and wise counsel can be life altering; coupled with a "tight haircut" actually elevates the spirit and has shown PROVEN RESULTS in performance, academics, goal setting, and family/social interaction.

How it gets done: As licensed professionals, barbers have the unique opportunity to give that which one generation has longed for to others through their blessing; their hands. It became very evident- first among family and friends, now extending into the community- that using the opportunity of a haircut to mentor isn't novel… it is necessary. Backed by a strong network of professional and community colleagues, the mentors are armed and eager to extend services to orphanages and group homes- reaching young people whose advantages may not afford them the lux of a quality haircut!

Goal: Build self-image through great haircuts while utilizing: active listening, encouragement, sharing of life experiences, and sound advice- all shaping confidence in the male spirit and increasing the power within self to survive and do it successfully and with character.This project instills in young men the realization that lack of anything is only a limiting factor, not a determining factor in their lives.

  • Work
    • Licensed Professional Barber
  • Education
    • TDLR Licensed Professional Barber