Blessing Park

Windsor, Berkshire

If we all live on our little planets, I don't just want to focus on mine. I want to create bridges and links between my generation, one project at a time. I have a vision to create a fully-functional and above all popular on-line and print publication that gives young people a platform to initiate social change in areas they care about, publicise who they are and what they stand for. Essentially giving people the right method to make action happen for themselves. I want young people to have no excuse to say "I couldn't do it, no one would ever take me seriously". By taking individuals as individuals and giving them the torch, they can ignite change and growth wherever they see fit. I want to make that happen.

I'm a working model of how drive and initiative can make anything happen. I have a great network around me and it's expanding everyday.

I am a student, in my penultimate year before university, and I feel as if I'm ready to do something big whilst I'm still young. I'm an active person, and I do have my life mapped out, I know where I want to end up, but I also know how I want to get there. And I know that's through getting through to as many people as possible.

I really was born to make a mark.

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