Madalin Blidaru

Consultant, Project Manager, and Student in Bucharest, Romania

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Currently blogger and student with a keen interest in foreign policy and international relations, sustainable development and international cooperation.

Last years, I have been involved in some local, national and international nongovernmental organizations, coming up with new ideas for growth (membership, brand awareness and activity towards social and educational causes).

I am considering that I succeed in combining both practical experience with an academic background.

Having the chance to participate and learn from dozens of trainings and conferences, I tried to be focused on challenging issues.

Areas of interest: EU affairs, community initiatives, party politics, elections, international development, public diplomacy, public relations, blogging and social media, public policies (in development, education, agriculture, rural and urban development, youth), institutional communication, good governance, non-profits.

A list with 'have done, doing and will do' with satisfaction: criticize, write some books, write some articles, debate, train, analyze, manage some projects, encourage, represent.

Challenging topics: political thought and ideologies, entrepreneurship, God-related debates, predicting the future and finding what could be better.

Education: BA in International Relations and European Studies, currently enrolled in a Master's Degree in Diplomacy and Negotiations.

Hobbies: reading, travelling, politics, contemplating, watching a good movie.

Political orientation: moderate.

  • Education
    • National School of Political Science and Public Administration