Simon Maansen

Throughout my whole CSS carrier my first serious steps where made in 2011 after HKLAN# 4 where we surprised all by beating Reason and finishing 5-6th.
After that I had a short period with unserious CS:S because of IRL matters which made the CS:S carrier second piriority.
Then at ONIC#1 I got on a mixteam consesiting of Wantz, Rylander, Impulze, whammy and me. We were seeded 8 out of 8 teams but surprised all by beating everyone and winning the LAN.
Few weeks after Speedgaming(Ruggah, orga, eXce, rytme) recruited me and I rose in the ranks within CS:S.
I sadly did only attend one LAN with Speedgaming, SlapLive#24 where we finished 2nd and a month after that orga and eXce lost the desire to play CS:S anymore.
Then Rytter and Herden asked me to join Immune together with Isenbo and p0se and I gladly accepted because of our good friendship and that I believed this team would go far together.
This is now about 1.5 month ago and the team is better than ever and we just came home from HKLAN#5 with a 4th place in the bagage.

Other information:


Mouse: Steelseries XAI
Headset: Steelseries Siberia v2 Full-Size
Mousepad: Steelseries qck. fnatic
Keyboard: Steelseries 7G
Computer: PHENOMIIx4-965
Monitor: Samsung 2233RZ

Online attendings:

Slap Online 17
Place: 2nd in 1. division

Cashville League 1
Place: 2nd in 2. division

Slap Online 21
Place: 1

EMS with Derailed(inzta, p0se, tabaco, isenbo)
Danish Mastership - 4th place with Derailed(Inzta, p0se, tabaco, isenbo)

Voted 2nd MVP at ONIC 2011.
Voted 2nd as the best upcoming talents #2011.

Lan attendings:

CPH Games 2010 - 7th place in B
SLAP LIVE# 21 - 7/8th place in A
HKlan# - 5/6th in A(inzta, snowy, kA, tabaco)
CPH Games 2011# 5th in B(Hyggelan)
Slap Live# 23 - 5/6 in A
ONIC# 2011 - 1st with G4L.mix1(impulze, rylander, wantz, whammy), prize: 5000 kr. + 6 months Speedgaming Server
G4L# 2011 - 4th with VMIHEST(ruggah, streit, zipen, rytter), prize: 1500kr + 5x Ozone Attack
Slap Live#24 - 2nd with Speedgaming(Ruggah, eXce, orga, rytme), prize: 5000kr.
HKLAN#5 - 4th with Immune(Herden, Rytter, isenbo, p0se), prize: 3000kr. - 1st in 2on2 with zipen, prize: StarCraft2 mouse and bag worth 1000kr.

Upcoming Lans#
CPH Games 2012