Gretchen Lakshmi


Accepting my life exactly the way it is and making the most of it, I live each day as it comes, one breath at at time.

My life consists of daily meditation, asana & pranayama practices along with breastfeeding, baby wearing & changing dirty diapers. Plus I sprinkle in a few chai tea lattes for sanity's sake.

After overcoming the hardship of domestic abuse and violence, I am embarking on the journey of my life: Working & living at an ashram with two babies. To make it even more interesting, I'm taking on the added challenge of writing a blog documenting my experiences as a single mama at a yoga ashram.

The roller coaster of my life has been one crazy ride but I am all the stronger & wiser for each experience. I have learned to live with joy in my heart, a smile on my face and the ability to see each moment for its possibilities. Join me on my journey! I could use a shoulder to cry on when this all goes up in flames. Namaste!

  • Work
    • Leela Mata Peaceful Valley Ashram
  • Education
    • Allegheny College
    • 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training
    • Prenatal Plus Yoga Teacher Training