Bliss CapCity


:Talk much & I'll stuff a dick in your mouth :Matter fact,I might cum in your mouth :I'm so high,I could swallow a cloud :You move a crowd,I move God :We ain' the same bitch I'm alla'that :I go Usher Raymond in this game,all the lame bitches they got it bad :I say shit & I don't take it back :Stacks on me I bought that :You getting dough? I call it cabbage :Heading high so why you frowning :I gave birth to these bitches,I could kill them whenever I want to :Sitting on one,you sitting on two :Y'all tell a lie but the numbers tell the truth :I'm a ghetto chick with an attitude :I turn a good lady into a prostitute :Talk sleek,I'll paint your tities blue Oh yeah! You feeling cold? I'll stuff you in an igloo :Ainno body else who can does it like I do :Haters keep popping,I pop them like a blister :Got that stupid butt,thicker than a sneaker : Oh! You a good boy? I'm the transforming machine :I bet no one ever told you,who you dealing with :I dare you to point your stupid dick at me :& I'll cut it off & make you eat it :Unlike Riri,I don't need to go bad :Handcrafted by the devil therefore,i was born bad :Inslave all the bitches & turn them into punching bags :I got my confidence back :Now I'm cocky as hell :Got my attitude back :all the asses I'mma spank :Shit! I step on my bullshit,you'll be my door mat :Bust your ass open :Bitch i'll make you vomit :I don't do much bragging but my swag does it for me :The world is in my hand,maybe I should just fold it :These people say I'm God,These streets better crown me :She got on my boat,now she's sea sick :Shut up bitch,I don't wanna hear your speeches :Talk money or exit :Fly with your stupid swag,flip I'mma drown you! :Now I'm going in harder like never before :I know you see a Ceo :When you look at me hoe :All around my town CapCity there's an acho :New kid on the block about to take over :Step forward & get a beat down :Fuck with me,you'll die young :Swift with my hand,I don't fuck around :I got them lame asses,who be hating on me :Them bitches niqqers,They be clinging on me :They be loving them :So they cuffing them :But I fuck with them,till they fucking numb :They can't tell me none :They don't wanna die young :First Round,I took them out :Look at them they tapping out =Bored as fuck hence I wrote this crap!! :KUUUKEEEEEERRRRREEEE MBIIIIINOOOOOSSS!

  • Education
    • Unisa - The University of South Africa