amanda grace harrison

Birthing Revolutionary, Filmmaker, and Author in Los Angeles, California

amanda grace harrison

Birthing Revolutionary, Filmmaker, and Author in Los Angeles, California

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the two belly-dancing, hilariously fun, PAINLESS home BIRTHS i experienced were so spiritually fulfilling and personally empowering that i have vowed to do whatever i can to make BLISSFUL CHILDBIRTH the new NORMAL for women around the world.

toward that end, i self-published a mini-book about my adventures called Birthing Freedom: How I Learned to Relax + Have a Baby (After the Nightmare "Natural" Birth of My Firstborn), which you can find on Amazon--i'm happy to report that it's getting rave reviews and helping tons of moms-to-be conquer their fear of birthing.

i am the lucky MAMA of 4 magical munchkins who persistently teach me how to be FULLY ALIVE, gentle and firm, and to enjoy the Gift of an Ordinary Day.

i believe in massively big goals, and one of my dreams is to CREATE (write + co-produce) outrageously beautiful ROMANTIC ACTION/ADVENTURE FILMS that SHOW WHAT'S POSSIBLE while leaving audiences breathless with laughter and inspiration.

the first of those is currently in development heaven, with the working title "Sisterhood of the Traveling Birth Tub"----to entertain, inspire, and spread the message of blissful birthing beyond the "preaching to the choir" natural birth enthusiasts.

i love collaborating and IMPROVising, and i intend for any project i work on to be an incredibly FUN, LIFE-ALTERING, eco-friendly, TRANSFORMATIONAL experience for everyone involved.

i am a CERTIFIED LAUGHTER WELLNESS INSTRUCTOR, certifiable BLISS DETECTIVE, and a WRITER of many words. Many, many words. :)

another of my favorite hobbies is to help women re-write their own stories in ways that empower and inspire.

my hubby is on his own mission to revolutionize the education our children receive and the soil our plant friends grow in, and we both love connecting with other revolutionaries.

i LOVE our incredibly BEAUTIFUL PLANET and enjoy working toward the day when it will be the unconditionally LOVING ECO-PARADISE it was created to be. ;)

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