blissful balance

Blissful Balance shares a deeply held belief that everyone needs calm and nurturing place in their lives to relax, melt away stress, rejuvenate, heal and promote a truly 'blissful balance' in body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the soothing benefits of our precious all natural aromatherapy bath and body products.

...start to slow down, listen to the relaxation CD and light the Aromatherapy candle. Smile - breathe in - breathe out - slide into the warm bath filled with therapy sea salts, soak your body, wash away your tiredness and aches, breathe in - breathe out - smell the healing and relaxing aroma, calm your soul and lift your spirit...

Make the spa ritual a part of your life and enjoy the wonderful gift of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing.

Contact Details:

Blissful Balance

Address: Richboro, Pennsylvania,USA

Telephone Number: 215-364-1235