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Blissful Blessings Photog

My name is Lyndsey Harris and I’m 16 years old and a senior in High School. I am homeschooled and it has been a large part of my life. My parents decided to pull me out of the public school setting because they saw a potential in me that no teacher saw. They saw that I had a love for the Lord ever since I choose Christ as my Savior at six years old and saw that public school couldn’t help me grow spiritually. God and church has always been a huge part and will continue to be a huge portion in my life. They wanted me to learn from a Biblically worldview, and for that, I am blessed. I resented my parents for a year for pulling me out of what I knew, out of my comfort zone. Life was very different, but it was better and easier. Even though I resented my parents for a year, I respect their decision now. In that same year, I met my best friend Brook. I love her dearly and our favorite thing to do together is photography.
I once heard someone tell me to look at what a child does and what they enjoy, for it could end up being their job one day. Photography is more than a hobby for me, its a passion. I don’t want to just capture people’s faces, I want to capture their love, passion, happiness and souls.
When I was a little girl, my parents spent a lot of nights in my daddy’s woodshop building things. Sometimes I would stay with them, but other times, I would “watch a movie” or “play” inside of our house. I was a good kid and my parents were only steps away in the next building over, so when I was inside alone, there was ONE rule. That rule from my mom was “ DO NOT TOUCH THE CAMERA”. Well, I said I was a good kid, not perfect, and when a parent tells their child not to do something, the kid usually ends up doing it. So, I took pictures of everything. My mom never really used the camera very much anyways. So, my parents bought me my own camera not long after that, and I’ve never stop taking photos (of everything). That’s where my passion began.
I recently bought a my first DSLR and I’ve been super excited about breaking it in. I’ve photographed quite a few photo-shoots since then. I feel that Photography is my calling from God because I feel that God knows what is best for me based on Jeremiah 29:11. I feel that God wants me to be a missionary as I have been on mission trips in the past. I want to use my God given passions and gifts to further His kingdom. I want to fellowship with each client and build relationships with them as my friend.