George Baiya

Born slighty over two decades ago to Mr. and Mrs. Baba George. Life has been my teacher and experience my cane. Friendships and heartbreaks are my motivation. Love.

Corny. I will not lie. The type of guy who evokes a 'Really George?' response after you hear me speak.

Fear failure. I can't stand the thought of not being able to provide for my family at some later point of my life. I'd rather not even have one.
Lover of truth and sincerity. Be real with me and I will be to you.

Dislike sarcasm; which does not exactly offer a solution as to why I am so good at it.

Hate routine. Doing the same things over tends to get...boring. probably why I wouldn't be an accountant.

Weakness argument (and love). I will argue out anything with anyone just to prove a point. Note: not to prove I'm right but just to prove a point. My mom says its not exactly something most people like.

Strength love.

Mama's boy. I will however deny it to my grave if anyone asks.

Lover of expectation. Hater of disappointment. My oxymoron.