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PR Friendly Blogger, Full Time+ Healthcare Employee, Mommy/Wife, Latina, New Orleanian, Social Media junkie and Brand Advocate.

Born in Los Angeles, California and moved at the age of 12 to Southeast Louisiana, I’ve embraced my inner “Country Girl” where I enjoy spending time with my friends & family, going to concerts, and traveling. I attended Southeastern Louisiana University for several years before embarking in my journey into parenthood and have been married currently for almost 16 years with 2 small children and a dog.

My blog describes my journey as a mother, wife, chef, taxi driver, accountant, maid, etc and yet manages to wake up in the morning to…”Mom…I think my pants exploded??!!” And still thinks.. I’m a lucky person!!

I work full-time in the Healthcare Industry and am a member of many organizations locally and online. I am a brand advocate and multicultural blogger that has a diverse audience which focuses on travel/tourism, parenting and all things New Orleans. I can be reached at :

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