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Here is the way the free version with this works -- When you register your blog on a traffic change, you'll be expected to create an account and be provided with a code. Every time you visit someone elses blog, you earn credits to your account. A timer steps the twenty or thirty seconds you have to stay looking at another blog. After moments up you enter a rule that moves you to another location site. To compare more, consider checking out: kalatu blog scam. The more websites you visit the more readers your blog receives.

Yet another disadvantage to using traffic deals is many don't give an one to one credit to you for seeing other websites. Frequently you would have to visit 20 sites to obtain 10 visits to your own site. Because you only get as much traffic as you care to see demonstrably this can be time consuming. One way to improve this type of time would be to consider it study and see if there is anyway of connecting to the websites which you must-visit. Many of these traffic trades also have surplus traffic that they can offer you for as little as a penny per visitor. This is the way it is possible to end up spending twenty dollars to earn a lot of readers. This lovely