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Mcdonald Wagner

1. For additional information, you are asked to check-out: how to get leads. Build pages within the blog that have reference substance you refer to usually in your posts. These static pages may also get crawled and indexed by the search engines and as you create articles about your issues you can direct individuals to these static pages as reference...

With Google Ad-sense or Yahoo Publisher, having people click onto more pages helps your income immensely, but how can you get them to study more than one page once they visit your site? Listed below are a number of guidelines.

1. Create pages inside the blog which contain reference content you refer to often in your posts. As references as to the you are publishing about these static pages may also get crawled and indexed by the major search engines and as you write threads about your subjects you can send visitors to these static pages.

2. Use posts as static pages. You can reprint articles o-n any subject at no cost by going to one of the many article directories like Then direct visitors to see the articles that relate solely to the article you are making. You might even add one report as a new site each time you create a article.

3. Consult with other posts you have made on your site or on another of your websites while posting. This gets the reader to click up to previous articles. You may also choose your posts by searching previous posts and deciding which one to follow up on. These archives aren't to be forgotten and lost. Their great material, (you wrote it right?), therefore use it.

4. Create a site that links to your favorite threads that are eternal. You browse your old posts, find posts that you want readers to find quickly, then develop a links page with these posts directly connected. Then add a link to that page out of your front page. Call it favorite threads or whatever and you will gain by those that click-through and follow those links.

5. I've submitted here before concerning the 'more' tag. You produce your post as usual, then decide where you need to split the post up onto a brand new page. You set the more label in and readers need to press to a new page to see the rest of the story.

6. Write once per week particular projects. These are a series of articles on a particular subject. Y