Lintang Arief

4+ years of extensive IT industry experience including Design and Development of websites and mobile applications.Highly motivated professional dedicated to exceeding company goals and managing tight deadlines. Gifted in guaranteeing client and customer satisfaction. Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills, demonstrating an ability to effectively prioritize and manage a broad range of responsibilities. Extensive experience in producing different web & mobile solutions such as CMS, CRM, eCommerce, Product Catalog and custom built web applications and mobile apps.Goals : 1. To build products users enjoy using 2. To work on a team that its members enjoy working with 3. To write code developers enjoy coding 4. To engineer systems system administrators enjoy administrating 5. To get shit doneSkill Stories : 1. Endlessly researches and evaluating new tools, techniques, processes, etc 2. Frequently reads and patches source code of tools and libraries used for day-to-day development. 3. Comfortable with going from a freshly installed system, and preparing it to act as a production server. 4. Create prototypes to experiment or better understand problems, tools, techniques, etc.Specialties: Web development using Ruby on rails for backend and Angular/BlackboneJs for frontend Javascript, Ajax and other latest technologies. & Mobile Application Development native(android) or hibrid(ios, Android) using cordova - angularJs, Digital Marketing - SEO / SEM / PPC.