Diane Bjorling

Finding ways and means to help people has been a driving force in my life and continues to dominate my life to this day. My other "obsession" if you will is researching, finding things out, making sense of anything and everything that captures my interest and has also been a driving force in my life. Between the helping and the researching I had to find a way to make these very different facets to "me" work together. As a result, I partnered up with a very creative man and have been helping to build a companyl that is using my gifts to the max.

Just as the Loons mate for life, the business that we are creating holds the promise and the concept of longevitiy, credibility, usefulness as well as the elements of safety,research,social with a good dash of fun thrown in to make your business and your personal experience one that will having you say - eH2 rocks!

eH2.ca is a Canadian company that will be reaching out globally with products and services to meet your demanding needs.

Stay tuned for more information as we get ready to open the doors to the public.