James Gerber

Trying to summarize yourself in paragraph is always a unique experience. You reflect on your strengths, your history, your hobbies, talents and interests; anything that makes you seem desirable in a unique way. I have been writing sporadically since I was in fourth grade. Technically longer than that but that was when writing evolved from a mundane task to an expression. I was first enamored with poetry. After being taught the basics of what poetry was, is and could be, I couldn't shake it. Every year my school would put on a play of sorts by the fourth graders who would be graduating on to fifth grade located at another school. It was the last mile stone and expression of ourselves before crossing the next rite of passage. We had two to three months to write poetry in class that would be used in our "poetry play" and memorize it. I immediately showed a talent for poetry and practically half the play consisted of the work I did and understudied for the entire play. I was never good at memorization as a kid so it was a daunting task. At one point during the play, I had to fill in for one of the parts that happened to be right after one of the times I had a line. I stood up, said my eight bars and promptly sat back down, relieved. Only after two minutes of dead silence and deathly glares from half of my class did I stand back up and recite my missing classmate's verse; to the audience's amusement of course. Since then, writing had become a deeply personal passion. My expression of myself to myself; often revealing much more than anticipated. I never seriously considered writing to be a paying job, let alone a career choice. However, every opportunity I have gotten in life has been afforded to my writing ability. Whether it be opening a door or stepping through. Writing is my unique ability that just so happens to express my uniqueness. As for my interests, sociology would have to be at the top of my list. With over seven billion people walking the world in specific places at specific times and even in specific ways, how do people mold to each other? Our differences ranging from beliefs, social agendas, life goals to the paths that take them there. I want to explore the edges of our cultural facet where the same and the different meet. What causes people to be the same and how an event, shared equally, can bring the same crashing through our individuality; while our lives and social interactions slowly shapes us like water on a rock. What is our uniqueness