Dianne Lennon

Centralia, Washington

I'm very passionate about aiding people, particularly young adults in learning about their rights. Not only to learn about them, but but also what situations call for standing up for the rights our constitution affords us. Civil rights in the business world is our responsibility as members of the American labor force. I have seen what companies, and the managers they protect do out of pure greed and they are allowed to continue to use and torment their staff who are completely in the dark as to what their basic human rights are.

I have no formal education, but I would love to connect with any organization that feels as I do. Perhaps the EEOC, or Human Rights Commission, or the ACLU would be willing to offer me sort of internship, or entry level position. I know that once I get a chance to show what I can bring to table by way of passion, as well as life experiences they are not going to be disappointed with taking a chance on me.

  • Work
    • Burgerville - Centralia
  • Education
    • Challenger High School
    • Clover Park High School
    • The New York Institute of Photography