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Born a poor Half-Elf All-Mad Bard in the strange and magical land of Norrath, Bavarin Fleetfoot never quite entirely "fit in" among his own kind. Perhaps it was the Dark Elf mask he wore at all times, or his insistence that he was the only "Blueberry" (a derogatory term for the blue skinned Dark Elf race) Bard in existence, even though everyone knew that was patently impossible, as Dark Elves singing sound like crows being literally murdered. Maybe it was just the fact that he hung around with unsavory types like Trolls and Iksars, and other "evil" types that bothered folk. None of that matters now, as one morning he awoke to find himself more of a Stranger in a Strange Land than ever before...

Visitor's Log - StarDate, Unknown: Born a poor blue alien on an unknown planet in the far reaches of InWorldz, I am still trying to make sense of these strange creatures of planet Ürth, known as "Hyoo-manz". I am deeply troubled by their apparent unexplainable madness.

Thus far I've discovered that these Hyoo-manz worship colored bits of paper and shiny bits of metal with numbers on them and will do nearly anything for them.

These bits of paper and metal seem more important to them than friends, family, or even life itself, and the safety of their planet hovers on the brink of annihilation at any given moment due to this strange lust for these odd bits of paper and metal.

The animals of the planet don't appear to understand the Hyoo-manz any more than I do, although most Hyoo-manz don't seem to understand the animals all that well either.

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