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Heya there, I'm Paige 💙


Basic information on me:

🌺 I am English as you can see from the location this site makes you list

🌺 I am an Aquarius, my birthstone is Amethyst

🌺 I am really short for my age

🌺 I have blue eyes and brown hair

🌺 My personality is weird, it kinda changes... a lot. I'd explain but since this is basic I'll leave it for now.

🌺 My favourite colours are pastels, pink and Blood red

🌺 I am not very good at socialising but I can keep up a conversation as I love making friends



💜 I can't list names because I am always losing and making friends but I just want you all to know that you're all loved and appreciated by me and that I will try my best to make you feel happy and loved.


Interests/ Hobbies:

🌸 I make edits on YouTube

🌸 I love Cats

🌸 I am obsessed with my best girls from Danganronpa and Love Live

🌸 My hobbies include drawing, writing poetry, singing, editing and playing love live but I'm no good at them

🌸 I love listening to most music however I don't like everything but I'm quite flexible

🌸 I sometimes take photographs but then delete them after due to storage but I'd enjoy doing proper photos for someone someday


Discomforts/ Fears:

🚫 Any type of discrimination makes me extremely uncomfortable

🚫 I feel uncomfortable when people are talking about something I don't understand whilst I'm there, a conversation should involve everyone in a group not just some people

🚫 I hate places which are literally full of people because I get really anxious and scared

🚫 I have carnophobia which is the fear of meat, I see it as an animal corpse which scares me a lot, this view also extends to fish too

🚫 I hate school, it's full of judgement in all types of senses; your actions are judged, your appearance is judged, your popularity is judged, it's all so sad...


🌹 I just wanted to say I'm very close with my family and that they give me a lot of advice and comfort when I'm upset and that they'll also help friends too.


✨ I'm proud of the fact that I've had the courage to openly come out as Bisexual to many people.

✨ I'm also proud that I'm so close with my family that they're just proud of me for being myself


Well that's it, have a good day and thanks for reading this 💐