OK HI LMAO im bad at writing stuff like this but. yes hello you can call me stormy or mari and i use she/her/hers pronouns but titles like girl/lady/woman make me uncomfy so i'd appreciate not.. being called anything like that. i'm argentinian and live in england. i'm intj and chaotic neutral/evil. i can be a bit prickly and i'm super awkward around ppl i don't know so i likely won't instigate conversation very often but i do really like to make friends and talk to people so please don't be afraid to talk to me!!! i'm not a total asshole i promise (despite evidence to the contrary.) at the moment i literally don't talk about anything other than dragon age and i really, really, /really/ love cullen rutherford. like so much. it's actually quite a big problem. but yeah i scream 24 hours a day about dragon age so please!! talk to me about it. i beg of you. i also love to sin and i am disgusting but i try to stay lowkey when im bein gross......... okkkkk theres not rly much else to say so ya peace out gnarly dudes